There is nothing better for me than looking through images from a photoshoot session and seeing my client open up and suddenly shine, showing me their true uninhibited self - the beauty that everyone else sees when they know and love you. 

Your images should be a record for you to pass on to your family. You may not think you have a story to tell, but what if your story is just beginning.... 

Your story matters.

I want to encourage you to exist in photos and tell your story. I have always loved flicking through old photo albums, looking at the visual history of my own family and talking about the stories behind the images. We are slowly losing this important part of our history in this digital age, where we are encouraged to share every facet of our lives online. I want you to have something tangible - something that will provoke discussion about your life and stories that will creating a legacy for future generations.

My passion is photographing contemporary portraits. I love the one on one interaction with a client and earning your trust when you are feeling a bit vulnerable - I know exactly how that feels because I've been there too! Creating beautiful images is a team effort, and I would love to work with you on a session and images you will cherish.

I understand the hesitation, the excuses, because I have always made them for myself. And so I have started taking my own advice... 
Photography by Angela McConnell-2810-Edit_20140703Photography by Angela McConnell-2810-Edit_20140703 Angela McConnell | Vancouver Portrait Photographer | Self PortraitAt age 36Photography by Angela McConnnell 2015 at age 36
At 35                                                                                        At 36
  Photography by Angela McConnell-20160603-9492_20160603Photography by Angela McConnell-20160603-9492_20160603  

At 37
                                                                And now at 38

I am a kiwi girl from a provincial town on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand. I followed my dream of backpacking around Europe where I met my future husband on a tour around Europe. We moved to Australia, where I lived for 10 years and my passion for photography was reignited. We have most recently moved to Vancouver, BC and it feel so good to reconnect with nature, particularly the ocean and mountains. 

I never intended to shoot portraits - my eye was always captured by the lines and form of architecture and nature, and translating this into abstract photographs focusing on detail. My aim was create something not immediately identifiable from something completely familiar. But now I have fallen in love with portraits, getting to know my client and developing a relationship where they can be comfortable with me capturing the connection between them and the beauty that their loved ones see in them. 
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Celebrate Glamour, Celebrate You Couples EditionCelebrate Glamour, Celebrate You
Come behind the scenes to experience a beautiful contemporary couples portrait and engagement session photo shoot with Photography by Angela McConnell.