Marketing materials surrounded by a black vintage telephone, vintage film camera, cactus and paper ribbonLegacy Collective | Photography by Angela McConnellMassive thanks to Samantha from @haveandholddesign for working with me to create these beautiful new materials for my portrait clients.
I'm encouraging my clients to record stories with their images so that it is a legacy for their future.

Thank you for choosing Photography by Angela McConnell to document your special memories. My greatest passion is to create beautiful photographs of you so that these images will help to tell your story to future generations. 


The Legacy Collective is my challenge to you to start printing your special memories and write a small paragraph or story about them. What was something funny or quirky surrounding the picture, what was special about the outfit or jewellery you were wearing at the time?


Were you the in the process of a major transition or journey in your life and want to celebrate your success, or talk about the strength you had to overcome a challenge. 

Tuck these little memories into the frame or on the back of the photograph. It's one thing to talk about the stories behind the images, but how amazing would it be for future generations to read and bring life to your images about what this moment meant to you at the time.

I love revisiting old photos, whenever I am home in New Zealand, I will flick through my old albums and other family photos. There are some photos that really stick in my mind - the one where I am wearing my mum's sunnies (which were huge on my probably 4 year old face) in our back yard running towards the camera with my uncle in the background - I love it but I couldn't tell you why.

There are so many reasons to print out your favourite images that resonate with you. You may have seen this article not so long ago where the vice-president of Google warned of a "digital black hole". We only need to look at developments in the last 20 years where floppy disks were superseded by CD and now CD is being superseded by USB.

You don't need to only print professional photos though, print out your favourite Instagram photo or images you post to Facebook. Make a photo book of all the images you love from the previous year, or holidays you have taken. Have something tangible that records your memories.

Folio Collections

Folio Collections are available as a set of either 6, 10 or 20 images set in a beautiful thick, archival matte. These are keep in a ribbon bound linen textured boxes available in either Black, Tan or Grey Linen. You can then choose which images you would like to display - all images can either be framed or displayed on an easel. Alternatively if it is something you would like to keep for yourself, the Folio Collection box can be tucked away somewhere special out of sight. Prices start from $1100.


Wall Art - Canvas Gallery Wrap

Wall art can be either supplied as a framed matted print or gallery wrapped canvas prints. Depending on where you intend to hang your wall art, these items tend to be better as bigger sizes so the image is not lost on the wall. Special wall clusters of different sizes can also be arranged, and we can work together to create something that works best for your decor. Prices start from $175.

These are professionally hand-stretched using archival canvas on pine wood stretcher using real pigment inks. All canvases are coated for extra protection and durability and are reinforced with a front face board for extra strength. The back of the canvas has a finished cover in either black or white and are ready to hang with wire hangers.

Wall Art - Framed Prints

Bella Frame | Toronto Portrait Photographer | Womens Portrait   Bella Frame | Toronto Portrait Photographer | Frame Detail

These frames are designed to suit many styles of decor; classic, modern, contemporary beach or rustic. The clean style ensures that the frames don't compete with the image but complement it. 

Made using sustainable materials, real glass and acid free mats, these frames archival construction will protect your images and ensure that your legacy will remain to be passed onto future generations. Prices start from $175.


Where do you want to hang your wall images? Think about which sorts of wall images would suit your personal style and decor. 

Wall Display Guide

Collections of Wall Art can tell the story of your photoshoot session. Here are some ways to display your chosen images in your home.

Toronto Portrait Photographer | Portrait ProductsClockwise from top left | 16x20 | 30x40 | 16x20 | 16x20 | 11x14 | 11x14 | 11x14 | 16x20 30x40 16x20 11x14 All images from a single session Toronto Portrait Photographer | Portrait Products16x20 prints 16x20 All images from a single session

Alternatively a more simple approach may suit your style better

Print Products | Photography by Angela McConnellImages of print products available for clients to purchase from their photoshoot session.