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Black and white portrait of an elderly lady smiling at her adult daughterDiptych of a father with tattoos cradling his sleeping baby sonBlack and white image of a woman cradling her mother's hand between her ownPortrait of a mother, father and son smiling at the cameraPortrait of a mother holding her laughing baby son upsidedownPortrait of a woman in a black and white polka dot dress sitting her baby son on her lapPortrait of a woman in a red dress hugging her baby sonVancouver Portrait Photographer | Parent and ChildBlack and white portrait of a heavily pregnant woman and her husbandBlack and white portrait of a mother lifting her baby son into the airBlack and white silhouette portrait of a heavily pregnant womanPortrait of a mother in her wedding dress hugging her baby sonPortrait of a mother and baby daughter in black tutus huggingPortrait of a woman with blonde hair and red lipstick cradling her newborn sonPortrait of a woman in a red dress holding her baby sonRetro themed portrait of a father and  toddler sonPortrait of a pregnant woman in a maroon dress cradling her bellyStudio portrait of a woman holding her baby son