Natural light self portrait of a photographer with long hair and red lipstickVancouver Portrait Photographer | Head Shot Photography | Photography by Angela McConnell Welcome to Photography by Angela McConnell!

I am so excited to share a session with, and take beautiful images of you!

I want to share with you why I love taking portraits of people. I love the one on one interaction in the studio and gaining trust when you feel a bit vulnerable - I know exactly how that feels, I've been there too! But there is nothing like looking through images from a photoshoot session and seeing you open up and suddenly shine, showing me your true uninhibited self - the beauty that everyone else sees when they know and love you.

"But I need to lose weight" 
"I'm not photogenic"

Record beautiful images of yourself no matter how you feel today. These images should be a record for you to pass onto your family just as our grandparents and great-grandparents passed on their visual history to us. I want to work with you to ensure that you have a fantastic time during your session and feel comfortable and beautiful. 
Below is some information that you may find useful about a photoshoot session with me, or click the button below to get in touch and organise a complimentary consultation to discuss what sort of session would best suit you and your style.

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Before your Photoshoot Session

We will meet in person, online via Skype/Google Chat or have a chat on the phone. I want to help you design your perfect session, so we will talk about your personal style and which images on my website have resonated most with you. 

We will also discuss what you would like to do with your images and how you want them to be displayed.

Do you love to have art decorating your walls?
Canvas or framed prints may work best for you.

Is this photoshoot something special just for you or a loved one?
If that is the case then maybe a Folio Collection would suit better.

I will have samples that you can see and feel to make sure each product is right for you.

What to expect from your photoshoot session

Toronto Contemporary Portraits | MakeoverToronto Contemporary Portraits | Before and AfterCapturing the transformation of my clients from when they walk in the studio door to their beautiful portraits
Tell your story

Get in touch to book a complimentary consultation or to request more information about a photoshoot session

Hair and Make up

My team of professional freelance make up artists are experienced in creating hair and make up that complements both your skin tone and outfit choices to give you a stunning make over that you are completely comfortable with.
This also an opportunity for you to really treat yourself prior to your photoshoot session. A gorgeous new hair colour, a manicure or spa treatment is a great idea a couple of weeks before the session.
On the day, come with clean, dry hair (it is best to wash and dry the day or night before) and a clean moisturized face with no or minimal make up.
Depending on the type of photoshoot session you request, hair and make up normally takes between 30 and 60 minutes.
Quick Tips

What do you want to wear? Portrait of an older woman in a red dress with leopard trim and short blonde hair smiling at the cameraContemporary Beauty Portraits | Vancouver Portrait PhotographyShowcasing contemporary beauty portraits of my clients. Book a consultation today to tell your story through beautiful images. Vancouver photographer specializing in Burlesque performance, contemporary, modern beauty portraits and head shot photography.

Bring whatever you would love to have photos in....your favourite outfits, maybe those special item/s that you bought but never have a reason to wear?

It could be your beautiful wedding dress, an iconic Little Black Dress, a vintage piece or your favourite "girls' night out" outfit.

We all have outfits we buy, that sit in our wardrobes waiting for the perfect excuse to be worn.....this is the time to wear it!

Your outfit choices should reflect your personality or style so that you feel relaxed, comfortable and can let your personality shine.
Quick Tips
Natural light portrait of a young woman in a field of flower with the sun setting behind herContemporary Beauty Portraits | Vancouver Portrait PhotographyShowcasing contemporary beauty portraits of my clients. Book a consultation today to tell your story through beautiful images. Vancouver photographer specializing in Burlesque performance, contemporary, modern beauty portraits and head shot photography.

During your session

Once we have selected your outfits, and your hair and make-up is done I will have a quick chat with you so you know what sort of direction I will be giving you during your photoshoot session.

You don't need to be a model for a photoshoot, we work together and I will help guide you through a variety of poses to best compliment your body.

Music is normally played during your photoshoot session, so if you have a favourite playlist, bring your phone or iPod along with you!
This is what some of my previous clients have shared about their photoshoot sessions 
It was lovely to work with Angela - an all around amazing experience.  Angela is very easy to talk to, gives great instruction and made me feel more comfortable on the day then I thought possible. The finished pics are beautiful and I am grateful. I can highly recommend Angela - she does brilliant work!




After your Session Folio Collection with custom USB | Photography by Angela McConnellFolio Collection with custom USB | Photography by Angela McConnellImages of print products available for clients to purchase from their photoshoot session.

Your images will be ready to view approximately 10 to 14 business days after your photoshoot session (unless otherwise specified).
You can watch a slideshow of between 25 and 30 edited images from your session, see samples of the products and make selections of your favourite images.
This consultation can be arranged to be held either at the studio, at your home or a location that is most convenient for you.

A sales contract will be completed at this time to cover any order placed for products. 

"Why would I need so many images of myself"

There is no obligation to purchase and you only buy the images you love. There will be images that you won't want to leave behind.

You can gift images to family members, they make great Christmas or birthday presents for mum, dad or grandparents. You can display folio collection images on an easel or in a frame on the wall, and when you feel like a change swap them out for a different image.

For more ideas, find a full list of print products available here












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