Some words from my lovely clients. It gives me so much pleasure to create beautiful images for my clients that they can treasure, pass down to their family and help to keep their special stories alive.

Grace | Build your Brand Package | August 2018

I selected Angela among a sea of local photographers in Vancouver to help me create a portfolio for my business. She was always accommodating, cheerful, and so attentive to every detail in every pose. During every photo session I felt relaxed because I could completely trust that Angela knew what she was doing and could make every image look flattering. The images were amazing and her edits were professional. She really has an eye for detail and connecting with exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Angela for your gift!


Nuria | Head Shots Photo Shoot | October 2018


In one shot I was seen, listened and acknowledged by Angela. She captured what I wanted to communicate professionally and personally. The talent was there but more importantly, her empathy was immense. When you are changing the path of your life and career you need people on board. Definitely, Angela is one of those.


Dora | Workshop Coverage | July 2018
Bliss Your Heart

Blog Post


Angela was an awesome photographer at my recent self-care workshop. She was extremely professional and personable. She provided all my attendees with goodie bags and they were well received! Angela did an awesome job at capturing the event, and through her photographs, everything was portrayed so well!
I love how Angela was respectful of the meditation practices and decided not to take photos during that time. She was super present and was able to capture some intimate moments during the workshop, that gives great insight into what I do! Also as a newly founded community, I appreciate the first session was complimentary!



Monashee | Portrait Photo Shoot | June 2018

I loved having my photos taken by Angela! She is so warm and welcoming, and immediately set me at ease. I don't have many photos of me because I'm usually taking photos of my family. The photos that do exist, are not flattering at all.
Angela made me feel beautiful and even sexy, and gave me the gift of seeing myself as that again. I would highly recommend this to any woman... especially moms who often don't get to feel that way.


Kate | Build your Brand package | May 2018

Angela really is great. I would highly recommend her! From the initial phone call to discuss my requirements through to putting me at ease during the photo shoots.
There were no surprises and the whole process just flowed and I believe this is because Angela was open, honest and upfront about the process.
Angela also went out of her way to find different locations and I am so excited to share my business headshots!



Lisa | Workshop Coverage | April 2018
Awaken Wellbeing for Educators (AWE)

Blog Post


Angela is a true professional.  She took the time to get to know me and my needs before she attended my event, then arrived, got down to business and provided me with the most lovely images of my retreat, all while seeming like she wasn't even there.  
I was so grateful for attention to detail and for creating such a positive emotion within all of her pictures!  I will definitely be using some of these shots for future advertising.  
Even coming from out of town, she arrived on time, got down to work and left without being noticed.  The process for communicating online was easy and she had images available for me within a week.  So fabulous!

Tonia | Workshop Coverage | April 2018


Working with Angela was completely seamless and enjoyable from start to finish! 

Her professionalism and attention to detail stands out in the industry and I love the images she captured at my workshop.

She has the desirable skill of discretely taking photos without distracting the learning or vibe of the room -- and she does it in a calm and relaxed way. 

I'd highly recommend Angela to shoot your workshop/event and I will definitely work with her again.


Tiffany | Workshop Coverage | March 2018
Amazing Life Guide

Blog Post


Angela has been an absolute joy to work with. She photographed an inaugural event which was a workshop to empower women in their lives and provided support and resources to grow into the best version of themselves. Angela is a true professional, but also brings a very personable and warm approach to her photography.

I was stunned at how she was able to capture the huge range of emotions and activities, while being discreet and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.
Overall we are thrilled with the time and thought prior to the event to prepare for success, her amazing day-of approach and her continuation with thorough follow-up and wrap-up.

The best part of this experience was the genuine and individualistic approach. From start to finish, Angela was focused on ensuring she captured the true essence of the event and tailored everything from her communication, timing, etc.

Carmen | Workshop Coverage | March 2018
Wildflower Retreats
Blog Post


I absolutely love working with Angela and enthusiastically recommend working with her to others. Her passion and heart can be felt from the moment you meet her.  With her you get a complete experience. Someone who genuinely cares and is invested in the outcome for you. The remarkably beautiful images as a result speak for themselves. 

She came out and captured an intimate Mother & Daughter Retreat I was hosting and her grace and attentiveness honoured the women who were there. Giving space when was needed and still capturing captivating moments they may never otherwise get to see for themselves. She provided a unique opportunity for them to view their relationship in a very special (and maybe even new) way. That's a gift. 

The best part of the experience was Angela's energy, attentiveness and dedication to capturing moments in an intimate and respectful way. Couple that with her raw talent and the outcome was a positive experience and stunning images. 


Christina | Head Shots Photo Shoot | August 2017
Liberate Leadership


My recent branding photoshoot with Angela was phenomenal. Angela's warm authenticity made me feel comfortable, and she went the extra mile with little extra touches, on the day of the shoot. And the photos were fantastic - I never knew I could look so good. As someone with very high standards, I would recommend Angela to anyone, in a heartbeat!


Debbie | Portrait Photo Shoot | June 2017

Contemporary portrait of an older woman with a pink streak in her hair, smiling and clasping her hands together at her heart by Vancouver portrait photographer Angela McConnellContemporary Portraits | Vancouver Photographer | Photography by Angela McConnellVancouver photographer specializing in contemporary portraits as a legacy for your family. Showcasing contemporary portraits of my clients, both in studio and in an urban or environmental setting. Book a consultation today to join the Legacy Collective, to tell your story through beautiful images for your family.


Thank you for making feel like Queen for a Day with professional makeup and pampering.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Angela behind the camera.  Great reminder that everyone is beautiful.  The images are beautifully choreographed to look natural and me at my best.  What a great gift to build any ladies self esteem.  The headshot will improve my business professional outlook.


Dagmar | Head shots Photo Shoot | June 2017
Courage Space Coaching

Angela was an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment I booked the session to receiving my photo. She was very professional through the whole process and proved to be very knowledgable as a professional photographer.

I appreciated the time she took prior to the session and her openness to fully understand what I wanted. And during my photo shoot, Angela skillfully helped me relax, have fun and enjoy the process. What stood out for me was the personal connection I felt when working with Angela, which made the experience so much more personal and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Angela to anyone looking for a personal and authentic photo of themselves. Thanks again Angela, I’m looking forward to my next photo shoot with you outdoors somewhere!


Adam | Portrait Photo Shoot | February 2017

It was a real pleasure working with Angela! As I was sifting through search results for a Vancouver portrait photographer, Angela's work stood out to me the most. She has a talent for capturing natural emotion and creating a contemporary, dramatic feel in her photos.

The workflow was great and responsive, from the initial email, to the call, payment, flexible scheduling, and quick turnaround. Highly recommend anyone check out her services. Thank you Angela!


Holly | Head Shots Photo Shoot | January 2017
Holly Burton
Blog Post

Doing my photos with Angela was so much fun! I was worried it would be awkward, but instead it was amazing and basically the most comfortable I've ever been in front of a camera. My new headshots are gorgeous, and I am legitimately proud to put them on nearly everything I do now. 

Day-of, she helped keep a smile on my face by asking about a favourite funny moment from my life and then periodically referencing it throughout the shoot. 



Caitlin | Head Shots/Personal Branding Photo Shoot | August 2016
Main St Chiropractic

Natural light portrait of a young woman in a field of flower with the sun setting behind herContemporary Beauty Portraits | Vancouver Portrait PhotographyShowcasing contemporary beauty portraits of my clients. Book a consultation today to tell your story through beautiful images. Vancouver photographer specializing in Burlesque performance, contemporary, modern beauty portraits and head shot photography.

I had a wonderful experience working with Angela from start to finish! She is extremely talented, gave very clear directions when needed, and I had a lot of fun along the way. I am very happy with the finished product, which she even tied neatly with a bow :-) Highly recommend!

Lindsay - Build a Fit Physique | Lifestyle/Branding Photo Shoot | April 2016
Build a Fit Physique

Angela is an extremely talented, artistic and patient photographer.  She is very professional, yet a ton of fun to work with.  She has the incredible skill of bringing out the best in people; she directs her clients into unique poses to really show their best sides.  

Angela takes care of her clients, making sure we receive the utmost quality in her finished products.  Angela’s vision, perfect timing, enthusiasm and creativity turn what could be a good photo, into a terrific one!


Sarah | Portrait Photo Shoot | February 2016

Portrait of a curvy woman in a denim jacketContemporary Beauty Portraits | Vancouver Portrait PhotographyShowcasing contemporary beauty portraits of my clients. Book a consultation today to tell your story through beautiful images. Vancouver photographer specializing in Burlesque performance, contemporary, modern beauty portraits and head shot photography.

I had an amazing time working with Angela. She made me feel comfortable and gave great instructions! The finished photos are gorgeous! Thank you Angela!​


Cara | Family Portrait | October 2015

We loved our photo shoot. Angela did an amazing job capturing the look I was after, and the resulting prints are beautiful. Our only issue was working out which photos to choose!


Pixie | Family Portrait | June 2015

I've been wanting to capture three generations of our family for awhile now and finally had the opportunity to have everyone together this past summer. I knew Angela would be perfect for the task as she had done a marvelous job of taking photos of me in the past.  

With endless patience and good humour, Angela made the whole family feel comfortable and relaxed resulting in a collection of beautiful photos that we will treasure in the years to come.

Nathalie | Parent and Child Portrait | February 2015

Blog Post

Angela was fantastic to work with. I had a photo shoot done with my 8 month old son and now have a beautiful keepsake that we will cherish forever. Angela was very professional and wonderful with my son.

Her photographs have an understated elegance that I find much more beautiful and timeless than the stock-photography type images that I've seen on social media sites lately. She has an eye for composition and lighting and is a very skilled editor. These photographs are works of art that will be passed on through generations, not used as profile pics and then forgotten.

Shannon | Parent and Child Portrait | February 2015

Blog Post

I met Angela after the birth of my son.  My whole world has changed now that i am a mother. But most dramatically are the changes to my body and self perception.

Angela has a lovely gentle nature and an ease about her.  She is very comfortable to work with, and through her work has given me a mirror to see that I am still a beautiful women.  Thank you Angela.


Maureen | Parent and Child Portraits | January 2015

Blog Post

The experience of having a photoshoot with Angela, was new and different for me. I rarely 'do' my hair or make-up and loved being pampered! I loved feeling beautiful and taking the time to document this stage in my life and my daughters life.

I want to thank Angela, for putting us both at ease and allowing us to enjoy being the centre of attention and be pampered. Thank you for capturing us and allowing me to see myself as beautiful. You are an amazing photographer!

Naresh | Head Shots | January 2015

Angela was extremely professional and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the photoshoot. My photos came out really well. I highly recommend Angela for professional head shots.

Osama | Head Shots | November 2014

It was fun and relaxed

Marisa | Portrait Photo Shoot | October 2014 

Blog Post

Toronto Portrait Photographer | Contemporary Beauty Portrait | Toronto OstomyContemporary Beauty Portraits | Toronto Portrait Photography

It was lovely to work with Angela - an all around amazing experience.  Angela is very easy to talk to, gives great instruction and made me feel more comfortable on the day than I thought possible. The finished pics are beautiful and I am grateful. I can highly recommend Angela - she does brilliant work!

Lyn | Portrait Photo Shoot | October 2014 

Blog Post

Toronto Portrait Photographer | Contemporary Beauty Portrait | Toronto Ostomy

Angela was very professional and friendly working in a fast and clear manner

Master Cameron Eric Leon | Burlesque Portrait Photo Shoot | October 2014 

Blog Post

This was only my second photoshoot ever, And Angela made sure it was a great experience! It was laid-back and I felt very at ease with the whole process- and the final shots were amazing!

Patricia | Head Shots | September 2014

Blog Post

OMG Angela is such an amazing photographer. I came to Angela as I was in the middle of rebranding my business and needed new pictures to reflect not only the true me but also my new brand. Angela really delivered on what I wanted.

I normally never ever take full body picture or I am partly hiding if I do take one. For the 1st time in years, I actually liked the full body picture that Angela took of me. I even got lots of compliments. One of the pictures that she took got over 225 likes on Facebook in a really short amount of time.

Angela is such a professional and so great at what she does. I highly recommend that if you need any pictures done, that you contact Angela to do them for you. You will not be disappointed.

Sohini | Head Shots | September 2014

Blog Post

My photoshoot with Angela went very well. The whole experience from the start (make-up and hair) to the finish (posing for the headshots), was very enjoyable and memorable. 

Angela was very professional and friendly the entire time. My photos came out very well, showing me a side of myself, that was hidden from me as well!

I will be returning to Angela for all my head shot requirements and will definitely recommend her to others. Thank you , Angela!

Bianca Boom Boom | Burlesque Portrait Photo Shoot | August 2014 

Toronto Burlesque Photographer | Bianca Boom Boom | Burlesque

Angela is so wonderful to work with, I would highly recommend her to any TO burly gals and boys wanting some great performer portraits!

Judy | Portrait Photo Shoot | July 2014 

Blog Post

Toronto Transgender Portraits | Contemporary Beauty Portraits | Judy Virago

I have been through a lot of changes since my first shoot with Angela, and she was the only person I wanted to capture them in a shoot. When I first shot with her I had been on HRT for about 6 months and was just becoming comfortable with my body. We created some really beautiful images.

A year later and I've had a few more “upgrades” that I wanted to give the full McConnell. I have had a breast augmentation, laser hair removal, a few minor facial tweaks and the rest is all thanks to hormone therapy. I’m a lot more confident in my body, and I think that really shows in the images Angela and her team created. I feel feminine, l feel happy, I feel powerful and I feel whole.

Kristi and Mike | Couples Photo Shoot | November 2013

Blog Post

Working with Angela McConnell can be best described as an enjoyable and relaxed experience.  Each step of the way, you are given the appropriate posing guidance for the best results.  After a few minutes you feel like a natural, that her camera loves you and suddenly, you’re comfortable in your own skin!  You always feel that each photo you posed for was exceptional, and that is a huge confidence booster.  

Angela is a consummate professional without airs or pretence. She is a kind, sincere person and an incredible visual artist who lets the quality of her work speak for itself.  When you see the breadth of her portfolio and the consistency in her photographic style and editing, the choice will be clear.

Alex and Caroline | Couples Photo Shoot | November 2013

Blog Post

Angela was a pleasure to work with! She is very professional and friendly, and makes sure that her clients feel comfortable and at ease. We were very pleased with our photos and highly recommend Angela for any occasion!

Pixie | Portrait Photo Shoot | July 2013

Blog Post

Toronto Portrait Photographer | Contemporary Beauty Portrait

I had a wonderful time during my photoshoot with Angela. Not only did Angela take amazingly flattering photos but she also made me feel very comfortable and provided great direction during the shoot. I was extremely happy with my photos and plan to do another shoot in the near future. I highly recommend Angela.

Brook | Portrait Photo Shoot | July 2013

Blog Post

Pregnancy Photoshoot with Angela was awesome! I felt glamourous and the whole time was comfortable and casual. I loved the results!

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